Sanko RF

  • The BNA1000 Series Vector Network Analyzer greatly assists engineers in their work by providing advanced RF testing capabilities.
  • The wide frequency range, high dynamic range, low trace noise and fast measurement speed provide accurate results for tasks such as research and development.
  • The VNA’s effective versatility and compact size make it suitable for on-site measurements.
  • The open interface encourages innovation by allowing engineers to customize the device for specific projects.
  • Support for the VISA protocol enables easy integration into existing systems, saving time in workflow.
  • Offering professional-grade performance at a cost-effective price, the BN900 is a valuable tool for engineers in a variety of fields, helping them to efficiently obtain accurate measurements, contributing to overall productivity.
  • Modular Vector Network Analyzer

*The product model was formerly known as BN900.

LMS and LSG Series RF and Microwave Signal Generators