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Anritsu is the industry standard for RF and Microwave Test and Measurement equipment for both field and lab environments, with instruments operating at all frequencies up to 110 GHz and beyond. Our handheld Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer, for all your spectrum analysis measurements.


BONN Elektronik designs and produces customized solutions with RF power amplifiers and RF power amplifier systems. For more than 40 years power, individual solutions and quality of our instruments inspire experts and users worldwide.
We build Power Amplifiers and Systems to your Specifications.


Global EMC specialise in the production and installation of Faraday cage shielding and anechoic chambers. We offer bespoke turnkey solutions that meet our customers manufacturing demands; facilitating the process with precision engineering and outstanding attention to detail. We always put the customers’ requirements first in everything we do; working with each individual customer to develop a bespoke solution to meet their exact specification, on time and within budget.


HILO-Test GmbH was founded in 1978 and already the following year, the first pulse generator was developed and sold. We are the largest and oldest German manufacturer of EMC devices with a very wide range of products.


Slovenian based family company with 32 years of experience in development, manufacturing and testing of complex laboratory and process equipment.

Kambič is a specialized supplier in the field of design, production and validation of metrology equipment.

Supplier of Climatic Test Chambers, Calibration Baths; Temperature, Humudity, Vacuum, Pressure, O2, CO2.Nem, Vakum, Basınç, O2, CO2.


Maturo is a global manufacturer of electromechanical positioning systems for EMC, automotive, radio and radar measurements.

Audivo GmbH

Specialized in the production of RF shielded cameras, audio units and control mechanisms developed for use within EMC Chambers.

The roots of PONTIS EMC go back to 1989, when Erich Böhm developed the first controller for antenna masts and turntables for HD (Heinrich Deisel) GmbH. In 1994 the PONTIS Messtechnik was founded and soon after that the first shielded cameras were developed. Since then more than 2,300 cameras, 500 audio units and 1,100 controllers have been delivered to EMC testing facilities all over the world. In 2006 the businesses of Pontis Media and PONTIS-Messtechnik were merged in a new company AUDIVO GmbH. The well established brand name PONTIS-EMC has been kept.


Founded in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a leader in power supply system and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion. We boast one of the broadest product line of power supply, includes AC Power Source, DC Power Supplies, Power Supplies for Defense Industry, Renewable Energy Simulators, Line Conditioners and UPS.


Sanko Technologies is a manufacturer and provider of RF and wireless communication testing instruments and overall solutions for Bird. Includes signal source, signal analyzer, and network analyzer equipment which mainly serve customers in telecommunications, industrial, computer, semiconductor industries, and universities all over the world.


ESensorview, mmWave, 5G ve 5G ötesi için yüksek performanslı antenler, kablolar, konektörler ve adaptörlerin lider geliştiricisi ve üreticisidir.


All your needs and requirements for EMC measurements!


Vaunix Technology Corp. designs, manufactures, and services RF and microwave test equipment and digital radio communications products. Utilizing our deep RF and software engineering expertise, rooted in microwave radio and wireless equipment repair and testing, Vaunix developed the Lab Brick® family of electronic test products, which set a new standard for cost, size, and simplicity of wireless testing devices.


ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH is the sole high-tech company world-wide exclusively dedicated to high-precision power analysis. For more than three decades, power analyzers have been devised, developed, manufactured and sold to customers around the globe from ZES ZIMMER’s corporate headquarter in Oberursel (Frankfurt)/Germany.