Anritsu VectorStar
Broadband VNA ME7838/AX/EX/D/G
ME7838 Series

The VectorStar ME7838 Series broadband VNA offers the widest available single frequency sweep from 70 kHz to 110, (ME7838AX to 125), (ME7838EX to 125), to 145 GHz, and to 220 GHz with mmWave bands to 1.1 THz.

  • The ME7838AX or ME7838EX version can easily be upgraded to 145 GHz and to 220 GHz
  • All versions may be configured to include banded millimeter-wave modules up to 1.1 THz
  • Industry-best calibration and measurement stability: 0.1 dB vs 0.6 dB over 24 hrs.
  • All versions support the 3744x-Rx receiver for noise figure measurements, including the ability to characterize differential noise figure, to 125 GHz
  • Compact, lightweight mmWave modules (0.6 lb vs 7+ lbs and 1/50 the volume) offer low cost installation on smaller probe stations