VectorStar Family of RF, µW, mmW VNAs
MS4640B Series

VectorStar offers a performance benchmark for S-parameter measurements of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices providing engineers access to a powerful measurement tool for performance analysis

Anritsu’s VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) uniquely combines design and measurement by including NI AWR Design Environment™ software as a standard feature within the instrument, as a separate application on your desktop.

You now have access to all of the design tools essential for high-frequency IC, PCB, and module design at your fingertips, right on your VNA, including:

  • Linear circuit simulators
  • Electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools
  • Integrated schematic and layout

The integration of high-frequency design tools within high-performance VNAs is the way of the future – but it’s available today, only from Anritsu and AWR.

LMS and LSG Series RF and Microwave Signal Generators