ShockLine™ 4-Port Performance VNA

  • Specified performance to 43.5 GHz with Extended K™ ports
  • Simple signal integrity testing of passive multiport and differential devices
  • Advanced time domain option provides tools for signal integrity analysis
  • Wide dynamic range enables measurement of very low reflection artifacts
  • Excellent corrected directivity minimizes measurement uncertainty
  • SmartCal™ auto calibration unit reduces calibration and setup time
  • Time domain with time gating option enables TDR-like measurements
  • Modern LAN interface for remote control is faster than GPIB
  • A common GUI and SCPI interface within the ShockLine family
  • The compact 3U high chassis allows for the efficient use of rack space
  • Bias tee option simplifies test setups where the DUT needs DC biasing
  • Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) software option provides advanced de-embedding tools for test fixture extraction

LMS and LSG Series RF and Microwave Signal Generators